The World's War Debt


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Author  Mechanics And Metals National Bank
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  70

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Great War. At the threshold of a new era in the career of mankind, we are scanning the balance sheet of the nations and footing up their gains and losses. There have been immense gains, but these cannot be written in statements of figures. Only the losses can be expressed thus losses in lives, in property value, in material progress. We are most conscious of the losses at the present time, both because it is possible for them to be reckoned, and because we are immediately faced with the duty of making them up. For the present, therefore, the balance sheet of the war is an obscure one, with the losses tangible and the gains yet to be fully determined. In this volume we have sought to deal with a single item on the tangible side of the wars balance sheet that item which is made up of the indebtedness of the nations. The reader will find in the following pages material that has been brought together for the purpose of information. The need for a statistical summary of the finances of the recent struggle was the sole incentive in carrying out the work. It is hoped that what we have done will prove to be of real and lasting value. The Mechanics Metals National Bank January,
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