Cuneorum Clavis


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Author  Daniel Smith
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  210

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Is very long, and much of it of a purely perfonal character. The following extracts are all that need be quoted :I tis the objefl of the prejent work to dire Sthe attention of the literati of England and of all who feel interejled in the quejlion Which was the Primitive Alphabet of Man? to a difco very made by the Author in the year 1848. Being an earnejl Jludent of jubje Sstending to illujlrate or authenticate Holy Scripture, he formed an humble unit amongjl the many thoufands who flocked to the Britijh Mufeum to gaze upon the exhumed remains of a mighty empire, incribed with records written in a dumb Semitic character, brought to light by Mr. Layard sexcavations. It was then he perceived the Jlriking jimilarity between jbme of the early Greek letters and the cuneiform chara Sers as exhibited on the A jfyrian marbles. He obtained permiflion from the Mufeum authorities to copy the inscriptions, with a view to their elucidation, and he then co Uefied an alphabet of the earliejl Greek, principally from an Elian bronze tablet, now under the care of Mr, Newton, of the Britijh Mufeum; and by comparing thefe with the cuneiform inscriptions, he found that all the various groups of characters, when di Jfe Sed, were rejblvable into the jimple nineteen letters exhibited in the firjl column of alphabets (vide Plate I.); Jub Sfequent Jludy and invejligation have only tended to confirm this flrjl convi3ion.
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