Pope; The Iliad of Homer, Books I


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Author  Homer Homer
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  230

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Smith has called the translation of Homer into verse the Polar Expedition of literature, always failing, yet still desperately renewed. The comparison is just. It is indeed a famous and difficult voyage, undertaken by many brave and spirited adventurers, but with complete success by none. The most accomplished scholars and poets have attempted to convey to the English reader the resounding lines of Homer, and the grace, vigor, and dignity of Homeric life. Chapman, Hobbes, Pope, Cowper, Derby, Merivale, Newman, Worsley, and Bryant have exhausted their scholarship and skill in the task. But Homer still defies modern reproduction. His primeval simplicity is a dew of the dawn which can never be distilled. Matthew Arnold sacute and suggestive essay On Translating Homer contains much practical advice, both in negative and positive counsels. Mr.
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