The Clouds of Aristophanes


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Author  Aristophanes Aristophanes
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 17, 2012
Pages  150

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It is a question confessedly dii Scult to answer, in what manner and to what extent a translator is bound to conform to the conventional decorum of the age and nation in which he hves: whether he is to omit whatever in the least degree runs counter to those rules by which an author is now happily compelled to abide, a method which would infallibly destroy the whole humour of some of the most fehcitous, and withal the most harmless passages of Greek Comedy and Eoman Satire, or to follow his author even in his wildest extravagances, which would in many cases render his translation unreadable to by far the greater portion of English Society. It has been my endeavour to steer, as far as has been in my power, clear of either extreme: to leave nothing in my translation which can justly offend the classical reader :while at the same time I have not dared entirely to ignore any passage which seemed necessary to the full understanding of the true position of an author, who in spite of these occasional blemishes has been at all times venerated as well as admired, and that too even on moral grounds, by the best and wisest of mankind. Por it must have been something more than the exuberance of wit which overflows every page of these Comedies, something more than that brilliancy of sarcastic humour which no imitator has ever approached, and of which, I sincerely hope and believe, no translation can entirely denude them; it must have been something beyond all this which has endeared Aristophanes in such a remarkable degree to so very many great and illustrious names, and among them, as is well known, to one of the severest Saints of the Christian Church,, the Glorious Preacher, St. Chrysostom.
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