Epistulae ad Familiares, Vol. 1 of 3


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Author  Marcus Tullius Cicero
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 9, 2012
Pages  288

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Camus was a young gentleman of equestrian rank, of a line genius, and great accomplishments, trained under the discipline of Cicero himself; to whose care he was committed by his father, on his tlrst introduction into the forum-B efore be was or age to hold any 0Q  magistracy, he had distinguished, himsellfby two public impeachments; the one, of C. A ntonius. Ciceroâs colleague in the consulship, fu conspiring against the state; the other, of L. A tratinus, for bribery and corruption-A tratinusâs son reaenged his fatherâs quarrel, and accused Ctnliu of public violence, of being the friend of Catiline, of being concerned in the assassination of Dion, the chief of the A lexan drian embassy, of anattempt to poison Clodia, the sister of Plodius, a lady of an infamous character, and of several other crimes-C telius  had been Clodmâs gallant, and her resentment for lns slighting her .favours was the real source of all his trouble-I nthis oration, which was made A. U. C. 697, and the titty-lirst of Ciceroâs age, he is defended by Cicero, and was acquitted. Ir it should happen, my lords, that there is any one present who is unacquainted with our laws, our judicial proceedings, and the forms of our courts, it must certainly be matter of surprise to such a person, what can render this cause of so very heinous a nature that it alone should be tried on festival days, during the celebration of public sports,.and a total suspension of business in the forum; and he will undoubtedly conclude that the accused is charged with crimes ,of so atrocious anature, that not to wtiire into them would be to overturn the state.
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