Discoveries in Asia Minor


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Author  Francis Vyvyan Jago Arundell
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  466

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Barracks of the ninth )egiment of Turkish Cavalry at I sbarta Captain Yacoub Bey, the Turkish Napoleon His marvellous stories, and account of the march from I sbarta to Horns or Chams His plan and description of the battle Visit to a Greek from Alexandria The blind shopkeeper Affecting melody of our barrack friends Their subsequent fate Account of the battle of Horns, and advance of Ibrahim Pasha to Kutaieh. The khan where I had formerly lodg-ed was so full of Turkish cavalry, that not a hole was to be had for ourselves or our horses. Kyriacos proposed going to the Greek school, a roomy establishment, the master of which was well known to him. The school was as full as the khan with soldiers. We were more fortunate in being recognized by Mr. Balli, a Greek merVOL. II.
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