Selected Orations and Letters of Cicero


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Author  Harold Whetstone Johnston
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  574

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The Introduction has been retained almost bodily-the Life of Cicero with condensation and additions, the Roman Commonwealth with hardly any modification. Much of the annotation, too, on the four orafions and eleven letters which appear in both editions has been retained with little or no change of phraseology; though new material has been added and an occasional statement simplified. In the matter of selections the deviation has been wider. The six orations most commonly studied in our schools are placed first, with full notes and grammatical references. Then comes the Verres (A ctio I and a brief selection from A ctio II), to illustrate the oratorĂ¢s earlier style and his methods as a prosecutor. This is followed by three speeches of the latest period-two Caesareans and the fourth Philippic. The twentyone letters also cover a wide range of time and subject matter, though special prominence is given to the year of exile. The introduction of the Catiline of Sallust is an innovation which it is believed will meet the approval of teachers. The text is given in full, except for a few chapters which have no essential bearing on the history of the conspiracy.
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