The Great Commanders


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Author  Phil Grabsky
Publication Date   July 26, 2012
Pages  21


The Great Commanders is a masterly portrait of six men - Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Horatio Nelson, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ulysses S. Grant and Georgi Zhukov - whose military genius changed the course of world history.

Providing a refreshing new opportunity to compare soldiers from such disparate backgrounds and periods, each chapter focuses on the life and achievements of one of the commanders, considering their motivation, overall strategy, tactical skill and the vital importance of each man's special personal qualities.

What forces drove them? Did Nelson's legendary victory at Trafalgar in 1805 derive from his brilliance as a naval tactician alone? Does Marshal Zhukov's triumphant conquest of Berlin in 1945 justify the claim that he was the greatest general of the Second World War?

Concentrating on one battle in particular for each commander, and using computer graphics to help explain the course of events, this penetrating study brilliantly illustrates the thinking, method and individual dynamism behind the great military campaign.

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