Two Lectures on the Temples and Ritual of Asklepios...


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Author  Richard Caton
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 10, 2012
Pages  56

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Although considerable interest is felt by the English public in regard to much of the work just referred to, one important field of investigation has remained almost unknown in this country ;I mean the exploration of the shrines of A sklepios, the god of healing, at Epidaurus and A thens, about which I am to have the honour of speaking to you. As the time allotted is brief, it is needful to avoid all prefatory remarks, and to restrict this paper almost entirely to a consideration of the new discoveries and to inferences from them. As a matter of fact, apart from the Hippocratic writings there is but scant information as to the sanitary and medical aspects of Greek life in ancient literature. Homer and Pindar have brief references to Epidaurus and other sanctuaries of the god ;so also Plato, Hippys of Regium, Strabo, and some of the dramatists, as A ristophanes, also certain of the late Greek writers, especially Pausanias. Under these circumstances most precious are the researches made by the spade. The pioneer in this inquiry was M. Cavvadias, the eminent archaeologist, now Minister of Education in the Greek Govern ment. To him more than to anyone else we owe the important additions lately made to this branch of archaeology. He worked largely in conjunction with the Greek A rchaeo logical Society, and was aided by many individual members ;for example, M. Stats, who did excellent work in deciphering the hundreds of inscriptions which were found a work of no small difficulty. Various members of the French School, such as M. Gerard, MM. Defrass and Lechat, and Prof. Reinach :D r. Dorpfeld, Prof. Furtvvangler, Herr Baunack, Dr. Kochler, and others associated with the German School, have had a share in the work or in recording its results. Comparatively little has been done by the English, and still less has been published in our language. An interesting paper by
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