Greece and the Levant


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Author  Rev. Richard Burgess
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  328

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A znval u Kigheems Site of tibe Boms. Topografbical Ottiu Msw Tenple of I am e. Village of A jasaluk. IX wcitcd Mo6( e. Memorals of the A postles. Castle of A jafialvk. Dcstntetioik of Ephesus. Eiver C;iyster. Mo nt Gakssos. View of Mount Troolus. A j Mtl MH iopclis. Roman Wall. Conise of the Halesiis. News of tlie Plague. A irival at Smyrna Page 45 66 CHAPTER III. SMITRNA. View of Smyrna and the Golf from Mount Pajos. A ntiqmties. Peiiods of Histoiy. Village of Bonrnabat. AD almatian Host. Interior of Smyrna. Time of Plague. American Missionaries. Designs of Providence. Miseries of the Jews. Clime of the East 67 80 LETTER III. Accommodation at Smyrna. Greek and Turkish Coin. Articles of Consumption. Asiatic Greeks. Passports in Turkey. Departure from Smyrna -- 81 87 CHAPTER IV. JOURNEY FROM SMYRNA, BY SARDIS TO THYATIRA. Travelling in A sia. The Khan at Casaba. The A ga and the Surgees. Appearance of the Heavens. Antiquities of Santis. Pactolus and the A cropqlis. Ruins of Churches. Classical Recollections. AC hristian Family. An Appeal to Justice. Tombs of the Kings. Town of Marmora.
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