The History of the Alphabet


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Author  Isaac Taylor
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  412

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Chronological development ofthe Greek Alphabet M569 Geographical distribution of Greek Alphabets .6o Greek test letters 66 The Sibilants, Greek and Semitic 97 Cypriote and Lycian characters .116 Hittite and Cypriote characters 123 The Italic Alphabets .126 Greek and Latin letters 138 Greek Uncials and Minuscules 154 Latin Uncials and Minuscules 164 The Coptic Alphabet .194 The Slavonic Alphabets .196 Origin of the Glagolitic Alphabet 203 Cyrillic and Russian ligatures 206 The Albanian Alphabets 209 The Runic Alphabets 218 The Oghams .225 The Iranian Alphabets .236 The Parsi or Zend Alphabet 252 The A rabic Numerals 266 Armenian Alphabets
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