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Author  Harold W. Johnston
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  810

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This edition of Cicero s Orations and Letters is intended for the use of secondary schools. It differs in several respects from those already in general use and, as these differences are the only apology for its publication, I desire to call attention to them at the outset. I. The Selection of Orations is very different from the usual one, and the Letters have not before been published with the Orations. Twelve years experience in reading Cicero with pupils of from thirteen to nineteen years of age has taught me that their chief difficulty in understanding the author lies on the historical side. To read understandingly the orations against Verres, for the Manilian Law, against Catiline, for A rchias, Milo and Marcellus, and against A ntony, even in chronological order, requires a more minute acquaintance with Roman history than the average schoolboy possesses, and the case is worse when these orations are read in order of ease, merit, or interest. I have, therefore, tried to lessen a difficulty which I could not wholly remove, by limiting the field of historical study. I have taken the Conspiracy of Catiline as the main theme, following it up with Cicero s Exile and his Feud with Clodius. The period covered is only from one-third to one-half as long as the usual one, and is the most interesting in the life of Cicero.
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