Artaxerxes III Ochus and His Reign With Special Consideration


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Author  Noah Calvin Hirschy
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  100

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In this attempt to gather all the historic data of a dark and weary period of the worlds history on which the sources of information are rather indefinite and unsatisfactory, it may at first appear that too much attention is paid to the general historic situation. But when we remember that some of the biblical sources claimed for the reign of Ochus are placed by scholars at different periods from the eighth to the first century, then this objection loses its force. The final solution of the acceptance or rejection of the Old Testament sources for this period seems to the writer to depend very largely on the clearness of our conception of the history of the last seven centuries before the Christian era. The reign of Ochus forms only a fragment of the two and a fourth centuries of Persian supremacy. But to be fully understood it must be viewed in its connection with the whole. It is for this reason that the history of Persia and the more immediate contemporary history are treated more fully than would otherwise be consistent with the subject. In chap, i the aim is simply to give a brief summary of the accepted history of the period, while in chap, ii and in chap, iii both the sources and the literature have been consulted. N. C. H. Bern June,
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