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Author  Victoria And Albert Museum
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  24

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The collection of drawings and engravings enumerated in the following catalogue was formed by tiie late Robert Wollaston, M.D., and after his death was presented by Mrs. Wollaston, in 1867, to the National Art Library of the South Kensington Museum. During many years Dr. Wollaston had interested himself in visiting and examining the remains of ancient mosaic work still existing in Great Britain and on the Continent, and had gradually accumulated a very interesting series of illustrations of some of the most remarkable works or fragments known to be extant. The valuable results of his long continued labour form a collection of nearly 300 drawings and engravings, some of them on a large scale and coloured after the original objects. These are now deposited according to the express wish of Dr. Wollaston carried into effect by his widow in the Art Library of the South Kensington Museum, for the use of students in the Schools of Art and the public. The collection represents, with a few inconsiderable exceptions, what are commonly known as antique mosaics, that is, works previous to the earl -C hristian epoch, and belonging for the most part to the dominion of Pagan Rome, The early mosaics that succeeded Roman art or were sometimes contemporaneous with it, such as those in the churches at Rome, Ravenna, c., and the frequent and beautiful Opus A lexandrinum, are no Lillustrated in this collection, neither do the mosaics of the later Mediseval time, or of the Renaissance, or of modern periods, come within its scope. It is, therefore, definite in its range and fairly complete within its limits. The engravings have been gathered from all available sources; the drawings were many of them made by artists employed by Dr. Wollaston, and some, especially those by Italian draughtsmen, are extremely well executed.
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