Ania Edited de Germania Notes, An Map


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Author  Henry Furneaux
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  152

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Halle, 189o),1 and the extremely useful and concise edition of Zernial (B erlin, 189o).2 I have also made use of those of Kritz (fourth ed., by I-lirschfelder, 1878) and Prammer (V ienna, 1889), and of the English editions of Latham (L ondon, 1851), Church and Brodribb (L ondon, 1869),3 Allen (B oston, 1885), &c., and have to some extent consulted the extremely full commentary (without text) of Prof. Anton Baumstark (L eipzig, part i, 1875 ;part ii, 188o).â Gther and more general works have been chiefly known to me through these sources, but some independent use has been made of Grimm s Mythology,â and of K. Muellenhoff s Deutsche A ltertumskunde. I have also in several places referred to Dr. Isaac Iaylorâs Origin of the A ryans, and through it to other works not often easily accessible, also on one or two points to D. VV. Ross, The early history of landholding among the Germans (L ondon, 1883). In editing this treatise for English readers, I have wished constantly to indicate its importance, almost as great to us as to the Germans themselves, as bearing on the early history of so and to illustrate from these this I have derived the 1T his edition, though more concise than the other, is yet very full in its notes, and has the advantage of being brought down to much later date, and of containing an introduction. â My obligations to these three works are far too numerous to be always specified. â I should also here add their translation (L ondon, 1877). â The two parts of this work contain together more than I ooo pages, much of which is of a polemical character, many of our institutions, as much as possible. In greatest assistance from in which really valuable remarks are apt to be overlooked. I have used this, as his later work, rather than his Urdeutsche Staatsalterthumer of 1873.  This work is cited from the English edition by Stallybrass (L ondon, 1
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