A History of Latin Literature from Ennius...


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Author  George Augustus Simcox
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
Pages  166

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This book is prepared for the use of Freshmen in Harvard College by their instructors in Latin. The brief notes on the various selections, intended to help and stimulate the student in his private study, will be supplemented by general lectures and by the usual instruction of the class-room. The chapter on Logaoedic Verse and the notes to Ennius and Horace were written by Dr. M. H. Morgan ;the notes to Phaedrus, Martial, and Seneca, by Dr. A. A. Howard ;to Ovid, by Dr. R. C. Manning ;and to Catullus and Tibullus, by Dr. M. W. Mather. Cambridge, October, 1897. ABBREVIATIONS AND SIGNS USED IN THE NOTE A. GA llen and Greenough s Latin Grammar. Ckuttwell .. History of Roman Literature. By C. T. Cruttvvell. GG ildersleeve s Latin Grammar. Hayley Introduction to the Verse of Terence. By H. W. Hayley. Mackail .... Latin Literature. By J. W. Mackail. SellaR, E.P.. .H orace and the Elegiac Poets. By W. Y. Sellar. 3d edition. Sellar, p. R. .T he Roman Poets of the Republic. By W. Y. Sellar. 2d edition. Smith, D. A. .. Smith s Dictionary of Greek and Roman A ntiquities. 3d edition. An asterisk signifies that a passage so marked is required to be read by the student. When two or more passages are preceded by a brace, the student may choose between them.
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