History of Art in Phrygia, Lydia, Caria...


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Author  Georges Perrot
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  426

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Inscription on the so-called Tomb of Midas 82. Phrygian alphabet 83. Phrygian inscription ,r 4. A rchi-G allus 37 5. Cybele enthroned. Coin ,p 6. Cybele seated on lion. Coin ,e 7. Map of Sipylus ,3 8. View of the lamanlar Dagh from the quay of Smyrna 30 9. Topographical sketch north-west of the plain of Bournabat 40 10. Post of observation on Sipylus 4t 11. A cropolis, lamanlar Dagh 43 12. Northern wall of Acropolis 44 13. Gateway to Acropolis 4c 14. View of tomb of Tantalus ,46 15. Plan of tomb of Tantalus ., 47 16. Chamber of tomb of Tantalus. Longitudinal section 47 17. Chamber of tomb of Tantalus. Transverse section 47 18. 19. Terminal phalli 4g 20, 21. Tumuli built of uncemented stones 50 22. Plan of sanctuary, lamanlar Dagh 51 23. Sanctuary. Section through ab 52 24. Sanctuary. Plan of chamber 52 25. Sanctuary. Wall of chamber .. .. 53 26. Sanctuary. Section through FH ,53 27. Sanctuary. Wall of enclosure on the north-west 53 28. Topographical sketch of northera slope of Sipylus, ea,st of Magnesia .. 57 29. larik Kaia. Topographical sketch 58 30. Plan of houses 59 31. Rock-cut dwellings. Perspective view 60 32. Niche hollowed in the rock. Perspective, view 60 33. Niche hollowed in the rock. Longitudinal section 61 34. Tomb excavated in the rock, near Magnesia. Perspective view ... 62 35. Tomb near Magnesia. Plan 62 36. Tomb near Magnesia.
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