The Awakening of the East


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Author  Pierre Leroy-Beaulieu
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 4, 2012
Pages  334

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Leroy-B eulieu swork appears in English at a singularly appropriate moment, and I believe that those who know most about the Far East will be the warmest in its praise. I ts personal observations are acute, its statistics have been conscientiously gathered and carefully collated, they are scrupulously restricted to the particular matters they are intended to illuminate, while most valuable of all is the authors political sagacity, and the detachment, so to speak, of his attitude as an observer and investigator. If one may say so without offence, this is rare in a writer of M. Leroy Beaulieu snationality. A Frenchman is usually so good a Frenchman that he cannot divest himself, even for an hour, of 1the preferences and prejudices of his own land and race. .W hen, however, you do find a Frenchman who by tempera; ment, research, and travel has attained to a cosmopolitan impartiality, then nobody dwells in so cool and clear an atmosphere as he. The present volume, I venture to say, is Mr. Richard Davey is responsible for the translation of this work, but I have added a footnote here and there (signed by my initials), and I have revised the spelling of the proper names to bring Uiem into accordance with English usage. To forestall the charge of inconsistency, I may say that I have acted on the principle generally adopted in the spelling of European proper names, that is, I have retained improper spellings consecrated by long custom for instance, Chefoo, Suchow, Hankow, Kowloon, just as we write Florence, Munich, Naples, Moscow. But names not yet regularly Europeanized I have spelled according to a consistent and more reasonable system of transliteration as Kiao-chau, Pe-chi-li, Kwei-chau. The French spelling of Chinese proper names looks very strange to an English eye, and would convey a wholly false impression to an English ear.
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