Cornelii Taciti de Germania Edited With Introduction...


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Author  Henry Tacitus Ma
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
Pages  150

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It contained also the â Dialogusâ and the short treatise of Suetonius âde Grammaticis et Rhetoribus,â and is taken to be the parent of all the existing MSS. 0f these, the four most cited by editors of the Germania are ranked in two families, derived from two lost copies which may be designated as Xand Yâ Those of the Xfamily are:- 1. B. Vaticanus 1862 â. 2. b. âL eidensisâ (see above) now at Leyden, also called âP ontanus,â and (from its first known possessor) â Perizonianus, but now found to be not the actual copy taken by Pontanus, but one from it by Geelius. o Tothe other, or Yfamily, belong:- 3. C. Vaticanus 1518. 4. c. Farnesianus or Neapolitanus, now at Naples, to which Lipsius, and afterwards Niebuhr, attached great importance, but which is now less valued. Closely allied to these two is another Vatican MS. (4498), designated as A, the readings of which are sometimes, but very rarely noted 3. Neither of these families has uniformly a better text than the other, and both have had their advocates, but B, bare generally to be ranked highest. It should also be noted that other MSS. preserved in Germany have been by some reckoned to be of primary importance, namely one (now lost) called âH ummelianusâ (H), and two others at Munich and Stuttgart (M and S), all of which are maintained to be derived from copies taken of the old MS. before it came into the possession of A sculanus 4. It is at any rate evident that the corruption or illegibility of the old MS. itself must have been great, and that the text: is in a less satisfactory state than that of the Annals or the Histories. 1T he relations of the MSS. here cited and of others have been much more fully investigated as regards the â Dialogusâ by Bahrens (1881) and Scheuer (1891), and most completely by Principal Peterson in his edition of that treatise (1893), to which the reader is referred. Of the other M
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