Early Migrations


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Author  Charles Wolcott Brooks
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  34

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Xl CHI ESE RACE, PHILOSOPHY OF THEIH EXCLUSIVE DEVELOPMEN I:- Inquiry into the Evidence oftheir American Origin, suggesting ngreat Antiquity of the I rlumrtn Raioes on the American Continent. BY CHARLES WOLCOTT BROOKS. In searching for the origin of any race, the eareful student is led to the barrier of pre-historic ages, where, amid the scanty remnants of remote antiquity, he seeks tlre missing links of a chain whose farther end has passed from the vision of general observers. All cthnologists mast recognize the importance of reviewing the early stages of religions belief current among any people, and laws governing its development, in any systematic study ot their earliest origin. Every act of man and every change in nature is self-recording, and although it may require the wisdom of a God to read the record, it yet exists, capable of being deciplrt rt-d, and contributing to history. With tlie advance of scientific knowledge, the human line of division between so-called historic and pre-historic ages is gradually receding. Science and historical criticism are opening many Helds long hid in myth and conjeetnre. Much now classed as ancient mythology is but the lingering remnants of very ancient history, preserved and distorted by tradition. Most ancient nations in their written histories, have aimed as far as possible to ignore all antecedent civilizations, claiming for their own deified ancestry the origin of all men. liarbaric conquerors, filled with the spirit of battle, were early dcitied as gods, their descendants accepted as demi-god- were founders of reigning dynasties, and naturally sought protection by surrounding their origin with the supernatural. Transformations are frequent in the mythology of all nations, for religion, in whatever stage of its development, evcr remains a grand, progressive, rnor-ul science. Many ancient forms of pagan worship g
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