Livy/11, Edited With Introduction


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Author  H. M. Stephenson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  174

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Mg. 26.  In habebat Gronov. emend. for MSS haberet, retained by Mg and Luchs. The subj. if read must be taken as conditional, â as he would have â 37.  13. mefnonhm Luchs. ordinem MSS, which gives no sense. Mg suggests recordalionem, Weissenb., raiionem. 38.  5. quam E. cum P, Mg. 88.  5. j2rociori...genle Gronov. emend. of MSS feroczbrzlr... gentzir, adopted by editors except Weissenb., who prefers feracioribm... gzntzlf of A scensius.  9. ferunt correction of MSS rqferunt by A. Perizonius, adopted by all editors except Weissenb. 82.  5. super Mg emend. of Mss. per, adopted by all editors except Weissenb.  9. pecomfnque E. pecorir P, retained by Mg. 88.  xo. fuifse appears to have MSS authority. Mg has it in his text, but in his note prefers fuirsmt which has better MSS authority, but is less natural Latin. 86.  9. I udzlr MSS, retained by Mg. Luchs adopts Wesenbergâs conj. plcbeii ludi imtaurali. 87.  a. tactam E. taea (neut. pl.) P, retained by Mg.  6. extorrem E. extorre P, retained by Mg. 88.  9. at ex provinciz1r...guo Mg emend. of MSS ex quo: adopted by all editors. The alteration is necessary, for (1) it could not be important to the republic that individual soldiers should be transferred, (2) if it were, they would be included in the previous sentence, (3) if transferred, they must be transferred some whither. 89.  13. celmbnk suggestion of Luchs for MSS celeriorem, which is printed by Luchs in his text and retained by other editors. The accus., which must agree with famam, involves a very harsh hypallage, for celer means â quick â not â early â. 49.  ro. Urzlzfir Mgâs last emend. of MSS Larinatis, See Introduction I. 41.  6. vallibur E. collibm, P, Mg. 48.  8. ei inserted by Mg alter Duker, is required to correspond to at before zpse, which means âboth â not â also â. 45.  3. sit, eo ipri sz quaniumcunque Mgâs emend. of MSS eo z).
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