On the Origin of the Celts and the Dialects...


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Author  Eduard Dewalther
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 4, 2012
Pages  40

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I ntroduction. I he little knowledge, which the early Greek and Roman writers possessed about the barbarous nations, which lay around them and the small pains they took to gain accurate information in regard to their particular differences, led many of them to confound the Celts with the Teutonic tribes. Strabo) particularly states, that the writers before his time, were both ignorant and uncertain in all that they stated of those countries, which formed the more immediate residence of the Celts. Celtica, i KeXT inrj, therefore had before his time or rather before Caesar s, a quite different signification from that, which it had afterwards. Before Caesar were understood by the term ,C eltica all the countries in which Celtic tribes were found. It comprised then not only Gaul but also a part of Spain ), the greatest part of Germany, the British and Scandinavian isles ), in fact alf the countries from I reland to Scythia and even 1) StraT). Geogr. 2, p. 93. 2) Eratosthenes ap. Strab. 2, p. 103. 3) Strab. 2, p. 72.
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