Memoirs of the Celts or Gauls


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Author  Joseph Ritson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  428

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In this brief notice, the editors intention is, not to praise the following work, whatever may be its merit, but to authenticate it. The MS. came into his hands, as residuary legatee and executor, amongst other books and papers of the author, upon his death, in 1803 jand is now printed with a scrupulous adherence to the original) excepting, indeed, the omission of a few hasty epithets, appearing to be harsher than the occasion could require or justify, (which the author, had he lived to publish the work himself, would, probably, have altered 3) and a reduction of Mr. Ritsons peculiar orthography to the common standard of our language. Stockton upon Tees, May 10, 1827.
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