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Author  William Robertson Dugald Stewart
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
Pages  424

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Depopulation of America the fine effect of fhem. Causes of this in the klandsy and some parts of the con -tinent. The first visible consequence of the establishments made by the Spaniards in America was the diminution of the ancient inhabitants to a degree equally astonishing and deplorable. I have a Jiieady, on diflensnt occasions, mentioned the disastrous influence under which the connection of the Americans with the people of our hemisphere commenced, both in the islands and in several parts of the continent, and have touched upon various causes of their rapid consumption. Wherever the inhabitants of America had resolution to take arms in defence of their liberty and rights, many perished in the unequal contest, and were cut off by their fierce invaders. But the greatest desolation followed after the sword was sheathed, and the conquerors were settled in tranquillity. It was in the islands, and in those provinces of the contineiit which stretch from the Gulf df Trinidad to the confinea of Mexico, that the fatal effects of the Spanish dominion were first and most sensibly felt. AH these were occupied either by wandering tribes of hunters, or by such as. had made but small progress in cultivation and industry.
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