The Agricola and Germania


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Author  A. Tacitus Hopkins
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  206

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The text of this edition of the Agricola and Germania is, in the main, Hahn s. In cases where I have varied from Harhn, it has been in favor of a nearer approach to the manuscript reading. The Critical Apparatus has also been adopted from Halm, with considerable modification. As the basis of the notes, I have used the fourth edition of the Agricola by Dr. Draeger, and the fifth edition of the Germania by Prof. Schweizer-S idler. The excellence of the former as a school edition has long been recognized, while the latter is rich in the results of all the later studies in German antiquities. For the A gricola, I have used also the editions of Wex and Kritz, and have enriched the somewhat meager notes of Draeger from various other sources. For the Germania, I have had at hand Frammer, Baumstark, Holtzmann, Kritz Hirschfelder, and others. As the interest of the Germania lies largely in its ethnography, it has seemed desirable to give considerable fulness to the notes in this and kindred lines. A side from the regular editions of these two Essays, I have drawn freely from such works as Waitz Verfassungsgeschichte. Vol. I.; Grimm s Geschichte der Deutschen Sprache, and Deutsche Mythologie; Mommsen s Provinces of the Roman Empire; Arnold s Provincial A dministration.
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