TIGLATH PILESER III "PULU". 745-727 BC (Book published July 24


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Publication Date   July 24, 2012
Pages  54


One of the most amazing things which took place in the Nineteenth Century was the denial of the existence of any connection between the Kings of the Old Testament and the real historical men. By the discovery, beneath that inmense graveyard in which the Old Middle East was converted by the Millennia, of the Ancient Cities, in the last part of the same century, the All-Powerful Reason was forced to bite the dust. But if that denial was an amazing thing, to think about ity and learn about man's stupidity, most amazing thing was the silence of all the discoveresd on the subject. An so on, it came to pass that Reason was restored to her All-Powerfull throne, and, ergo, sat in the Academy to lead Science away from God and into the Atheism, under which flag the XXth Century was transformed in a bloody land.
The existence of this Tiglathpileser was denied before the resurrection of Nineveh; his resurrection brought to the surface the chronicles of a race of supermen, Hitler type, whose lives was based on destruction and a continuous genocide of their neigbhors.