Palestine, Historical and Descriptive


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Author  William Leonard Gage
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
Pages  576

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Mother and Child Frontispiece Map of the Holy Land in the Time of David .... 23 The Modern City of Orfa 25 A Patriarchal Journey 26 Bethel 29 Map of Palestine before the Conquest 32 The Expulsion of Hagax 89 Mosque at Hebron 43 The River Jabbok 43 Esau and Servant 47 An Egyptian Temple 49 Jacob s Well 51 Presentation of Moses to Pharaoh ...... 55 Egypt 57 The Dead Sea 65 Mount Ararat 65 Marah 71 The Wilderness 75 Map of the Wanderings 78 Convent of St. Catharine .81 Manuscript Fac-simile 84 Manuscript Fac-simile 85 Manuscript Fac-simile 86 Fragment of Egyptian MSS 87 Chapel of Moses upon the Supposed Site of the Burning Bush .89 Mount Hor 96 Mount Hermon from near Tiberias 96 Stone Door of an Ancient House ...... 103 Wild Goats of Engedi .107 Aqueduct and Part of the Town of Hamah .. ..
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