The Parthenon Frieze, and Other Essays


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Author  Thomas Davidson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 4, 2012
Pages  252

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Upon a broken tombstone of the Prime, When youths, who loved the gods, were loved again And rapt from sight, two human orms remain. One, shrunk with years and hoary with their rime. Gropes for the hand of one who sits sublime A nd, calm in largelimbed youth, prepares to drain The cup of endless life. In vain !in vain !H ecannot reach beyond the screen of time. So, A rthur, as our human years go by, I stand and blindly grope forthy dear hand, And listen for a whisper from thy tongue. In vain !in vain !I only hear Love cry :H efeasts with gods upon the eternal strand ;F or they in whom the gods delight die young.
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