Pictures in the Land of Temples


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Author  Joseph Pennell
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
Pages  194

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Greece for two reasons. First, because I wanted to see Greece and what remained of her glory to see if the greatest work of the past impressed me as much as the greatest work of the present and to try to find out which was the greater the more inspiring. And second, I went because I was told by a Boston authority that I was nothing but a ragtime sketcher, couldnt see Greek art and couldnt draw it if I did. I have been there and did what I saw in my own way. To me Greece was wonderful and was beautiful, but anyone can see that and can rave over it with appropriate quotations from appropriate authors. I know no Greek and have scarce read a translation. I say this regretfully I wish I had I should have seen more. I know, however, if I had not before seen the greatest art of the rest of Europe, I could not have been so moved as I was by what I saw in the Land of Temples, the land whence we have derived most of our ideas, ideals, and inspirations. I drew the things that interested me and it was, and is, a great delight to me to be told by those who have, some of them, spent their lives studying Greeks and Greece, that I have given the character of the country. What impressed me most was the great feeling of the Greeks for site in placing their temples and shrines in the landscape so that they not only became a part of it, but it leads up to them. And though the same architectural forms were used, each temple was so placed that it told from afar by sea or land, a goal for pilgrims a shrine for worshippers to draw near to yet each had a character of its own always the same, yet ever differing. I know, I am sorry to say, little of proportion, of scale, of heights, of lengths, but what I saw, with my own eyes, was the way these monuments were part of the country never stuck about anyhow always composed always different and they were built with grand ideas of composit
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