Eight Orations of Cicero Together With Selected...


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Author  Charles H. Forbes
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  632

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The text of the first six orations in this book is that of C. F. W. Mailer, now commonly used in the best schoolbooks abroad. For the Pro Milone and the Pro Marcello, the superior readings of A. C. Clark, in the Oxford series, have been adopted. The Selected Passages for extra reading were chosen for their worth and beauty, and these, together with the few short Letters, will afford a glimpse of the orator in other fields of literature. But the students strength should be given to the understanding of Cicero as an orator a task quite difficult enough for a years study. All long vowels are marked in six orations, the conclusions of Bennett being generally followed. The rest of the text is printed without marks, for the student must learn to do without crutches, if he is to make progress in the reading of Latin. It is devoutly to be hoped that still-hunting for hidden quantities may not become the chief diversion of our class-rooms. The titles of the principal rhetorical divisions of the speeches are inserted at the proper places in the text. The running summaries are intended to suggest the ideas, but not the words of the author. They have been printed in full for each speech, in theN
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