The Correspondence of M. Tullius Cicero


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Author  Marcus Tullius Cicero
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
Pages  748

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Fourth Volume, for which the publishers have asked, I have done what I could to lessen some of the many shortcomings of the previous edition ;but I am only too conscious that, even if something has been done, it is but little, and that the need of a really adequate edition of the Correspondence remains as urgent as ever. If the present volume affords even trifling assistance to any young scholar who will produce a full and complete edition of Cicero s Correspondence, it will have entirely fulfilled its object. The fine critical Commentary on the Epistles other than those ad Familiares which Dr. TT. Sjogren of Upsala is producing he has already issued the .E pp. ad Q,. Fr., ad Brutura, and ad A tt. i iv will furnish a firm basis for the text of those most difficult Letters. His thorough knowledge of all available manuscripts, and his great learning and acuteness as a grammarian, stamp his edition as a work of the very first importance. Unfortunately it has not yet reached the portion of the Epp. ad A tticum which is contained in the present volume; but when he reaches that portion, lie will, no doubt, clear up many of the passages which still remain obscure. The loss of Dr. Tyrrell srefined scholarship and elegance of style diminishes in a marked degree the attractiveness of the Commentary in those places where notes had to be re-written; but I have endeavoured to make only such changes as I believe he would have been willing to accept. I have done what I can in these troublous times to discover and read what has been written by other scholars on the Letters in this volume ;but it would be idle to hope that much has not escaped me.
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