The Correspondence of Tullius Cicero According...


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Author  Marcus Tullius Tyrrell
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  624

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Having expressed in the Introduction our strong sense of the great value of the recent works of Schmidt and of Mendelssohn, and acknowledged heartily the great debt of gratitude which we owe to them (especially to Schmidt, for his invaluable aid in arranging the correspondence in its true chronological order), we have here little or nothing to add to what we have said in our Prefaces to the foregoing volumes. We give, as we have hitherto done, a list of the most important of the new readings introduced now for the first time into the Text, or mentioned with approbation in the Notes. With regard to this Table of new readings, we ask leave to Tepeat what we have said in the Preface to Volume III. We beg onr readers to remember that it is a list of corrections which have not been received into the standard texts. Therefore, from the nature of the case, our own conjectures must preponderate in the list, as they are all proposed now for the first time in any edition of the Letters. Hundreds of the corrections of other editors, from the JE dilio Princeps to the present time, are embodied in the text, and referred to their authors in the A dnotatio Critica; but as they have already found general acceptance, they do not appear in this Table. TO t. IV.
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