The Archaeology of Rome


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Author  John Henry Parker
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
Pages  298

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It is impossible to understand the archaeology of Rome without studying the A queducts. In every part of the City, and of the country round it, there are remains of them; they are frequently mistaken for something else, and called by other names, misleading those who have not given attention to the subject They are necessarily mixed up with the Tfurmc Ryfor most of the aqueducts were made to bring water to those great establishments. There was also a reservoir of water supplied by the aqueducts under each of the palaces, larger houses and villas, as may be seen in many parts of the Palatine, under the palaces of the Caesars. In their original state the Aqueducts must have been among the grandest objects in Rome, and the most conspicuous in all directions. The principal approach from the east passed between two fine arcades of the aqueducts, one carrying three of them, the other two. These two fine arcades were not more than a hundred yards apart; all the great roads from the eastern side were brought into this space, and certainly, for the last mile into Rome, must have had one of these arcades on eitlier hand: to the left, or south, the Claudian arcade, fifty feet high; to the right, the Marcian, thirty feet high. For the last half-mile, the Claudian arcade was also the boundary of the palace gardens of the Sessorium, the residence first of the Kings and afterwards of one branch of the imperial family (that of Verus or Varius), who resided there for more than a century. That portion of the arcade still exists for a considerable extent, forming the northern wall of that garden, and at the same time part of the wall of the city, Aurelian having adopted it, and incorporated it with his great wall. This portion is thoroughly shewn in my Photographs, as it is a very important part of the antiquities of Rome, and illustrates many points. It was the place where th
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