The Journal of Philology, Vol. 34


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Author  William George Clark
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
Pages  696

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Ingram By water died on Dec. 17,1914. His failing strength had been for some time a matter of concern to his friends, but it was not until the late autumn of 1914 that for the first time in his life, so far as he could remember, and with great indignation he was obliged to spend a day in bed. He rallied, and as late as Nov. 20 he attended a meeting of the Delegates of the Clarendon Press on his way back to London from a visit to an old friend in the Midlands. His last illness began on Sunday, Dec. 13, and he died on the following Thursday. Four days later he was buried at Salcombe Regis, near Sidmouth. By water was born in London in 1840, and after some years at University and King s College Schools matriculated at Oxford in 1859 as a scholar of Queen s College. He was not, he always averred, by any means a precocious schoolboy, or even a brilliant undergraduate: of some academic exercises, such as Latin Verse, he seldom spoke without a shudder. He read privately with Robinson Ellis, and, together with Pater, who was his contemporary at Queen s, took at least one essay to Jowett, then Regius Professor and not yet Master of Balliol. When the essays were read, Jowett said, Thank you, both you young gentlemen will take first classes in your schools. In the event Pater was somehow put into the second class: Journal of Philology. vol. xxxiv.
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