Armenia and the Pontus


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Author  D. E. Siramarc
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 4, 2012
Pages  24

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Although Pontus is really a coastland, yet it often is made to include not only the coastline from Batum to Constantinople, but is often meant to enclose all that tract of land which in a gulf-like shape is encircled by the right bank of the river Halys. This last is the ancient Cappadocia, or the Second Armenia of the A rmenians. The name Pontus adhered to it from the day of Mithridates, who ruled Second Armenia also, and politically gave it the new name. His empire, however, soon fell, and Pontus was pushed back into its original legitimate boundaries, between the Barkhars and the sea. Modern Greeks, especially the claimants of Pontus for Greece, use the name to include beside the real Pontus, all Second Armenia and the entire coastline to the Bosphorus. The true Greek definition, however, does not go inland at all; it only takes the coast. Pontus, being actually part and continuation of the Armenian table-land, it has all the climatic and geological characteristics of that land. The land is very hilly, so much so that only a few roads cross it, and the most prosperous towns are on the seacoast. The mountains lift up their heads in very sharp inclines, and at a short distance from the sea, a first altitude of 2,000 feet is reached, as a stepping stone to the higher territory inland. Eastern Pontus has little agriculture, although the western part has broad fields; fruit is probably the chief agricultural specialty. Geographically, Pontus can be classified under one of two designations. It may be considered a distinct country, if we would take the eastern half of it, from Tiropolis to Batum: for this section is enclosed on one side by the sea and on the other by the arching Barkhar. Such a classification, however, has never been tried, because the same races of old which overran Armenia also settled in this section, and thus force us to classify it as an in
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