Carthage and the Carthaginians


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Author  R. Bosworth Smith
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
Pages  470

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The pages which follow are an attempt, within moderate limits, but from a careful study of all the materials which have come down to us, to give as complete a picture as possible of ancient Carthage and of her two greatest citizens the only two of whom we have any minute or personal knowledge Hamilcar Barca and Hannibal. The materials themselves are extremely fragmentary. The medium through which they are presented to us is distorted, and I am only too conscious of my own want of skill in handling them; but, whatever the deficiency of the materials and whatever my own shortcomings, I cannot help feeling that I have worked to ill effect if I have failed to awaken in the minds of my readers something of that enthusiasm for the subject, and that keen desire to pursue it further, which, for some years past, has made the labour I have imposed upon myself a labour of love. Whether any such enthusiasm or desire can ever be adequately gratified is a different question, and one which I venture to think does not necessarily affect its intrinsic value.
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