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Publication Date   June 28, 2012
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Rhelnisches Museum, and since reprinted in his Miscellaneous Works1, Niebuhr propounded a theory respecting the Hellenics of Xenophon, which, he says, had long before occurred to him, but of which he had been then accidentally reminded by the remark of a contributor to the same journal upon a passage in the life of Thucydides by Marcellinus. He considers the Greek History of Xenophon as formed of two distinct works, written at different times, viz. the conclusion of Thucydides, and the Hellenics. The conclusion of Thucydides, consisting of the first two books, was, he thinks, written in the interval between the return of the Ten Thousand and the recall of A gesilaus from Asia (b. c. 400 394); whereas the last five books, which form a whole by themselves, were written after the beginning of Olymp. 106 (356 B.C.), as appears from the account of the tyrants of Pherse9. The early date of the first two books is, he remarks, proved by the words 1S ee Kleine Schriften, Vol. i. p. 464. A translation of the paper, by the Bishop of St. David s, is in the Philological Museum, Vol. i. p. 485 9. 2X enophon, Hellen. vi. 4. 35-7, after having described the assassination of Alexander the tyrant of Pheraj by his wife and her brothers, says: tfiev ovv ai Tia tjs 6T riioi i)S viro Ttjs yvvai Kos outo) Xeyerar to i 8e tclvtcl irpadv Tmv a Xus ou ooe 6X oyos eypdcpero Tiari poII. vos 7rpe r3uTC t Tos i SvT tov d SeX pdov tiv dpyfiv elev. 37. where ode 6X oyos means this history, or this part of this history. Mr. Clinton thinks that Alexander was slain in 01.105. 1. (b.c. 360), and that Tisiphonus ruled from that year till 01. 105.4 (357). See his Fasti, Vol. ii. ad ann. 359, and A pp. c. 15. Diodorus places the death of Alexander in 357 b.c.
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