Post-Biblical History of the Jews from the...


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Author  Morris Jacob Raphall M. A
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
Pages  492

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Simon reduces the seaport of Joppa I ts importance Surrender and demolition of the Castle of Acra All Judea free Demetrius II. invades Parthia His defeat and captivity His queen transfers the crown and her own hand to his younger brother Antiochus VII. Sidetes Alliance between Simon and Rome Defeat and death of Tryphon Sidetes invades Judea, His army defeated by Jochanan Hyrcanus Simon, with two of his sons, assassinated by his son-in-law, Ptolemy Civil war in Judea Hyrcanus prince and high-priest Sidetes ssecond invasion of Judea Siege of Jerusalem Distress of the Jews Truce and peace Sidetes smoderation Hidden treasure Sidetes and Hyrcanus allies against Parthia, Foreign mercenaries in Judea Sidetes invades Parthia His campaign and death Return of Demetrius II.; of Hyrcanus Ptolemy Physcon in Egypt Zebina Death of Demetrius II. (F rom 142 to 126 b.c.e.) To prove himself and his people worthy of the independence they had acquired, and to secure it against all foes, both internal and external, was a duty to which Simon devoted himself with unceasing assiduity.
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