The Acropolis of Athens


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Author  Martin Luther D'Ooge
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
Pages  472

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The excavations upon the summit and the slopes of the A cropoh sof A thens were completed in 1889 by the Greek Archaeological Society under the direction of the General Superintendent of A ntiquities, Mr. P. Cavvadias. The results of these excavations have been published in many different forms and have become the subject of much discussion. While some of the older problems connected with the history of the Acropolis have by the aid of these new discoveries been solved, others have been raised which await further light. A final history of the Acropolis and of its monuments which shall answer satisfactorily every question may possibly never be written. The present volume is an attempt to give a summary of the most important contributions to this history and to state the results of personal study of this site and of the ruins upon it This book was originally intended to be one of a series of Handbooks of Classical A rchaeology, but the author found it impossible to treat his theme in so brief a compass as the limits of such a book require. Even in the present volume it has been found difficult to give as full a statement of many points as seemed desirable, and it has been a perplexing problem to determine what to omit and what to include in a book designed both for general readers and for those who desire to make a more minute study of the A cropolis. For the benefit of the latter technical discussions have been added in Appendixes and referred to in Notes, and a select Bibliographj has been given. It was not perfectly clear and simple to determine in what order this history should be told.
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