The Horse in History


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Author  Basil Tozer
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
Pages  408

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Nehring sinteresting studies, the wild and primitive horses of the great Drift began to exhibit distinct differences in make, shape and individual characteristics, the horse has reached the limit of its tether. For with the dawn of the twentieth century, and the sudden innovation of horseless traffic, any further influence that it might have exercised upon the advancement of the human race comes rapidly to a close. That the horses reign is over though it is sincerely to be hoped that horses will be with us still for many years the statistics issued recently by our Board of Agriculture in a measure prove. For in those statistics it is stated that the number of horses in the United Kingdom decreased during last year alone by no less than 12,312, and later statistics show that the decrease still continues.
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