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Author  Maurice Whittemore Mather
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
Pages  224

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In planning the present book it has been the aim of the authors to present within two covers all the essential apparatus for the writing of average passages in Latin prose. By including in the Notes on Idiom the requisite body of syntax, stated from the point of view of the student who is to write Latin, they have dispensed with the ordinary system of reference to three or four Latin grammars. They believe that in this way not only much time will be saved, but that the added convenience will produce more accurate results, since both student and teacher may refer instantly to the statemerit of any of the ordinary principles involved. The addition of the Latin text tends to the same end, and it is hoped that for the exercises contained in this volume the student will rarely find it necessary to refer to anything not included in the volume itself. The book is not intended to teach how to write isolated sentences illustrative of given constructions, but it assumes that the pupil, after a year or more of such practice (the time varying in different schools), is ready to learn the art of writing connected narrative in Latin. Recognizing that, in order to attain perfection in writing any language, good models must be studied, the authors have based their exercises on Caesar, Nepos, and Cicero, such selections from these writers being taken as are usually read in schools. A bout a page of Latin text serves as a model for each exercise. As the book is not for beginners, the individual exercises have not been made vehicles for teaching any one or two constructions, such as the ablative absolute, purpose, etc.
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