The Towers and Temples of Ancient Ireland...


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Author  Marcus Keane
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  520

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Architecture and religious systems of ancient I reland. Having from childhood taken an interest in I rish antiquities, I was led in the course of my studies to form opinions not in accordance with any of the commonly received theories ;and the result has been the following work, now respectfully submitted to the Public as a contribution to the elucidation of certain problems in I rish history and archaeology, which have never been satisfactorily solved. I have furnished as Introductory Remarks a brief outline of the theory which I have undertaken to defend ;and I have added a Glossary of I rish and Cuthite terms used throughout the work, with the authorities for the interpretations given to the words by me. These will materially assist the reader in his study of the subject. I have scrupulously avoided all technicalities and erudite expressions, such as would be intelligible only to the scientific student, so that it is hoped the book will be acceptable and instructive to the general reader. Residing as I do in a remote part of the country, my visits to available libraries have been necessarily few and brief, and some trifling errors in reference or quotation may have escaped my pen ;but while craving the readers indulgence for any such, I would remind him, that they do not in anywise invalidate the main arguments confirmatory of my theory.
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