Dio's Rome


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Author  Cassius Dio Cocceianus
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  402

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Nero seizes the sovereignty (chapters 1, 2). At the beginning he is accustomed to yield to the influence of his mother, whom Seneca and Burros thrust aside from control of affairs (chapter 3). Nero sexhibitions of wantonness and his extravagance: the death of Silanus (chapters 4-6). Love for A cte: Britannicus slain: discord with Agrippina (chapters 7, 8). How Nero smind began to give way (chapter 9). A bout the faults and immoralities of the philosopher Seneca (chapter 10). Sabina an object of love: Agrippina murdered (chapters 11-16). Domitia put to death: festivities: Nero sings to the accompaniment of his lyre (chapters 17-21). DURATION OF TIME. M. A sinius Marcellus, Manius Acilius A viola. (A. D. 54 =a. u. 807 =; First of Nero, from Oct. 13th.) Nero Caesar A ug., L. A ntistius Vetus. (A. B. 55 =a. u. 808 =a Second of Nero.) Q. Volusius Saturninus, P. Cornelius Scipio. (A. D. 56 =a. u. 809 =T hird of Nero.) Nero Caesar A ug. (II), L. Calpurnius Piso. (A. D. 57 =a. u. 810 =F ourth of Nero.) Nero Caesar A ug. (HI), M. Valerius Messala. (A. D. 58 =a. u. 811 =F ifth of Nero.) C. Vipsanius A pronianus, L. Fonteius Capito. (A. D. 59 =a. u. 812 =S ixth of Nero.) Nero Caesar A ug. (IV), Cornelius Lentulus Cossus. (A. D. 60 =1 a. u.
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