History of Phoenicia


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Author  George Rawlinson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
Pages  652

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Histories of Phoenicia or of the Phoenicians were vritten towards the middle of the present century by Clovers and Kem-ick. The elaborate work of the former writer collected into five moderate-sized volumes all the notices that classical antiquity had preserved of the Eeligion, History, Commerce, A rt, :c., of this celebrated and interesting nation. Kenrick, making a free use of the stores of knowledge thus accumulated, added to them much information derived from modern research, and was content to give to the world in a single volume of small size, -verv scantilv illustrated, the ascertained results of criticism and inquiry on the subject of the PI iodiiicians up to his own day. Forty-four years have ince elapsed; and in the course of them large additions have been made to certain branches of the inquir% while others have remained very much as thev were before. Travellers, like Kobinson, Wal)cile, Tristram, Kenan, and Lortet, have thrown great Die Phonizier und ds 1H istory and A ntiqititiea of phanizische A lterthum by F. C. P hoenicia, by John Kenrick, Movers, in five volumes, Berlin, L ondon, 1855. 1841-1850.
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