The Oldest Civilization of Greece Studies...


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Author  H. Ii. Hall
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
Pages  388

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Studies of the Mycenaean A ge which are comprised in this volume contain the notes made during the course of some years study of the Mycenaean Question, expanded and thrown into a connected form. The chief problems of Mycenaean archaeology are dealt with separately, but at the same time are also, as far as possible, connected in order to form a homogeneous study of the Mycenaean Question as it stands to-day. Here and there it has been found impossible, when discussing some one problem, to steer clear of trenching upon the domain of another; repetition of argument has, however, been as far as possible avoided, and it is hoped that these chapters will be of use both to the scientific archaeological student and to the layman who interests himself in the most fascinating search which ever yet allured the seeker after forgotten history the search for the origins of Greek civilization. It must ever be borne in mind that this search is still being pursued amid the clouds. We are not on firm earth when we are dealing with things Mycenaean, and have still to walk warily.
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