The Journal of Philology, Vol. 2


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Author  William George Clark
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 29, 2012
Pages  352

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In the 16th century Catullus, like most of the chief Latin classics, was corrected and illustrated with signal zeal and success: the editions of A vancius, Guarinus, Muretus, Statius and Scaliger do honour to the learning of Italy and France even in that age of erudition. Great is the contrast presented by the 250 years between 1577 and 1829, which offer nothing better than the wayward fancies of Vossius and the dull superficial labours of Vulpius, Doering and Sillig. A little learning makes one sceptical, and in this long interval of time much was forgotten or denied by editors and readers, that had been believed and demonstrated by the first-mentioned scholars. Since 1829 he has received ample amends: in that year Lachmann published his curt but memorable edition which first placed the textual criticism on a sound and rational basis and dispelled the illusions of four centuries of conjecture. During the next twelve years Haupt published first his Quaestiones Catullianae and next his Observationes criticae, in both of which much was done for the criticism of our author. But within the last few years the study of Catullus has advanced with unwonted strides. In 1862 Schwabe gave us his most elaborate Quaestiones Catullianae, where he has collected with great industry in several hundred pages all the ancient authorities for the history of our poet and every character mentioned in his poems. In 1866 he Journal of Philology, vol. ex.
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