Lectures on Ancient Indian Numismatics


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Author  Devadatta Ramakrishna Bhandarkar
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 7, 2012
Pages  250

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In 1918, thanks to the President of the Post Graduate Council in A rts, a course in Ancient Indian History and Culture was introduced for the M.A. degree of the Calcutta University, and various lecturers were appointed to teach the various subjects falling under it. Thus a young promising scholar had been appointed to teach Numismatics, which formed part of A rchaeology, one of the Groups comprised in this course. He was placed under me for some time for being trained in the subject. He was working very hard, but just when he was fit and ready to lecture on Numismatics, circumstances forced him to leave us. As there was none else in the University at that time who was sufficiently conversant with this subject, there was no recourse left but for me to teach it. I was therefore compelled to devote my special attention to it. I was not, however, sorry for it. For that convinced me, once again, that there was hardly any field connected with the Ancient Indian History and Culture, where research work was not possible.
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