Greek and Roman Stoicism and Some of Its Disciples...


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Author  Chas. H. Stanley Davis
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
Pages  284

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Greek philosophy. For over two centuries it was the creed, if not the philosophy, of the Roman people, whose type of character from the first was moulded on the Stoic lines. The multitude of great and memorable truths taught by the Spanish courtier, the Phrygian slave, and the Roman emperor, inculcating as they did the loftiest morality, high standards of action, of absolute self-sacrifice for the sake of virtue, and representing most powerfully the moral and religious convictions of the age, no doubt prepared the way for Christianity, as well as tinctured the thought of modern ages. Stoicism contributed the noblest men, and the loftiest conceptions of virtue and morality that we meet with in history before the time of Paul.
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