The Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero, Vol...


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Author  Conyers Middleton
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 28, 2012
Pages  450

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Urb. 696. Cic 50. Coss. P. Corn. Lent. Spinthcr. Q. Caec. Metel. Nepos. Cicero sreturn was what he himself truly calls it, the beginning of a new life to him, which was to be governed by new maxims, and a new kind of policy, yet so as not 1o forfeit his old character. He had been made to feel in what hands the weight of power lay, and what little dependence was to be placed on the help and support of his aristocratical friends: Pompey had served him on this important occasion very sincerely, and with the concurrence also of Caesar, so as to make it a point of iratitude, as well as prudence, to be more observant of them than he had hitherto been: The senate, on the other hand, with the magistrates, and the honest of all ranks, were zealous in his cause ;and the consul Alterius vitae qiioddam initium ordimur. ad A tt. 4. 1. In another place, he calls his restoration to his former dignity, Trst Kiyymirie Lv, ad A tt. 6. 6. or a new birth; a word borrowed probably from the Pythagorean school, and applied afterwards by the sacred writers to the renovation of our nature by baptism, as well as our restoration to life after death in tlie general resurrection. Matt. xix. 29. Tit.
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