The History of Esarhaddon


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Author  Ernest A. Budge
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 3, 2012
Pages  308

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East, and bearingthe number RM i in the British Museum collection :1 In my first expedition to the land of Magan and Melukhkha, then I went. 2T irhakah, King1 of Egypt and Gush, 3of whom Esarhaddon, King of A ssyria, the father, my begetter, 4his overthrow had accomplished, and had ruled over his land, then he, Tirhakah, 5the power of Assur (and) I star, the great gods, my lords, despised, and 6he trusted to his own might. A gainst the kings, 7prefects, which within Egypt, the father, my begetter, had appointed 8to slay, plunder, and capture Egypt, he came 9against them, he entered and dwelt within Memphis, 10 the city which the father, my begetter, had captured, and to the border of Assyria had added it. nl was walking within Nineveh, (when) one came and 12 repeated to me concerning these deeds. 13 My heart groaned and was smitten down my liver. 14 I lifted up my two hands; I besought Assur and I star, the holy one. 15 (T hen) I assembled my powerful forces, (with) which Assur and I star 16 had filled my two hands. A gainst the lands of Egypt and Gush 17 I set straight the expedition 27 Tirhakah, King of Egypt and Gush, within Memphis, 28 of the march of my expedition heard, and to make battle; (his; weapons 29 and army S me he assembled, (with) his soldiers. 23 In the service of A ssur, Bel, the great gods, my lords, 24 the marchers before me in a great field battle, I accomplished the overthrow of his army.
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